MaxEngine: ue<->3dmax pipeline tool

The Maxengine is a Max<->UE pipeline tool for artisit, it does several thing:

1. Setting up unified Max enoriment and manage a collection of maxscript tools.

2. Live link max model and UE asset, support VCS software (P4v and SVN)

3. Model checker to validate model before exporting to UE

Max model to UE

Before Export to Ue, name of asset will be corrected, the UCX and LODs mode will be auto collected and grouped. After Epxported in UE, Its asset property (collision group, object tag, etc) will be automatically configured according to its name and target folder.

If p4v folder is given, the corresponding source file(.fbx and .max) will be added/updated to pending changelist. Users will be propet to submit the change before quiting max, or certain amount of time was past.

UE asset to Max

  • Export UE to Max action will first try to fetch the newest source file from VSC repo and open it in 3dmax. After the model is modified and export back to UE, the modifed source file will also be uploaded in VCS. Thus keep further access by other user.
  • If unavalible, it will then try to find the source in local computer and open it in max.
  • If none of the souce file is found, it will use the UE fbx export fucntion to create new file. The relevent texture(Diffuse and normal map) used by the mesh will be expoted and applied in max to help modifed the UV. Multiple collision object will also be correctly recognized. However, as the mesh was already converted by UE, information sunch as Smoothing group, quad face will be lost.

Max ultility collection Panel

Ultility collection Panel provide various checker and helper fucntion:

  • Check & fix Object transform
  • Check object open edge and seam
  • Check Overlap face, vertex color, redudent mapping and ID
  • Check UV/ 2U problem, such as UV out of bound, UV Resolution, UV flipped and too close
  • All checker has similar logic, incorrect objects and faces will be added to named selection set for later correction.
  • Auto Detect LOD and UCX group
  • Auto rename object name, object group and all relevant UCX object.
  • Auto fix name problem, check asset name before import to UE folder
  • Other specific tool to help asset creation

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