Generating isolines in houdini

A utility node to generate isolines with given input point attribute.

Roof generator Work for any given boundary curve, with customizible prof

Daylight prediciton with machine learning model

A comparative study of applying various ML model to indoor daylight prediciton

GAN for architecture floorplan generation

GAN experiment on residential block and office floorplan generation

Architectral Drawing

Architecture design assignment during undergraduate year

1-bit dithering shader

Dithering shader like the return of Obra Dinn

Adaptive Facade Design & Fabrication with Arduino

Paper protoytpe prototype 2 with PVC 3d printed with PLA This work start as a small personal project, was later wraped up for

Baidu Map Downloader

This Grasshopper based tool ultilize the open api of baidu cutom map ( to get the map

InteracTool: mouse and keyboard control in Grasshopper canvas

Procedural Highrise

Previous Next Random generated structure using stacked 2D Cellular Automata. Based on the CA point a quad tree is consturcted,

FroGod Festival

A 4-player mobile game, player fight each other on stage and collect food.

Strange TD

上一页 下一页 A kinda silly tower defense game, made for CIGA 2020. The story is about using modular weapon attached to

Bad Game

上一页 下一页 This game is broken… but you have a map editor to copy and paste thing! can you help fix the game an

Polygon Shooter

上一页 下一页 A asteriod  style 2d topdown shooter, featuring a music visulizer and a BPM based dashing mode. Be ca

Rooster: Vectorize Plugin in Grasshopper

Rooster is a plugin useful for extracting curves from images; a process commonly known as Vectorization of an image. The Roost

Mini Ice structure: Line

An ice structure made of ropes soaked in water. During the construction process, water is continuously sprayed on the rope to

Procedural buidling assembler in houdini

Generated facade based on arbitary polygon Adjust floor height, roof height Corner modules are auto generated to fit any posti

Ice Structure Dome

Ice structure model Basic shape, ice brick, and supporting ribs. Ice Brick EPP Mold The underlying suportting structure were a

Procedural Stair

Procedural stair from a single boundary curve, can be used on polyline or curve.

Procedural Window

A lowpoly style window generateor in houdini.Can change it height, width, brick randonimization,profile curve, and frame seper

Twisted little garden

  A online editable version

Triplet letter block in GEB

Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid GEB recreation two view composite letter array

Interwoven structure in Grasshopper

Using the same method by Entagma, for purpose of learning Houdini. As part of my learning experience of houdini, I tried to re